Acoustic Concrete Masonry Units

Featherlite produces 3 types of acoustic architectural concrete masonry unit (ACMU) under license from Sound Seal.

ACOUSTADE, SOUNDBLOX and SOUNDCELL Architectural Concrete Masonry Units are structural and absorptive barriers. They positively improve sound quality of interior rooms and outdoor environments, while providing structure for walls and buildings.

  1. They reduce noise within an enclosed space through absorption and diffusion of sound energy within their core matrix.
  2. They suppress noise transmission to an adjacent room or space by constituting a robust sound barrier.

Permanent walls of thse ACMUs deliver system performance characteristics and benefits not found with other wall systems and acoustical improvement products:

  • ability to support tons of structural loads;
  • structural stability, providing rigid shear strength to withstand wind loads;
  • fire resistance;
  • toughness - standing up to everyday wear and tear, abuse, and even vandalism;
  • minimal maintenance with only an occasional cleaning needed; and
  • durability to last for the life of the structure or building.

SOUNDBLOX derive their excellent sound absorption from a unique cavity-slot resonator construction. The cavities are closed at the top and the slots allow the cavities to function as damped (Helmholtz) resonators — an excellent sound absorption tool at low frequencies. The slots of the units are funnel-shaped for superior acoustical performance.

The amount of sound absorbed by properly installed SOUNDBLOX is increased dramatically when units incorporating a metal septum (membrane or divider) and fibrous filler in the cavity are specified. Together with funnel-shaped slots, these units provide higher levels of sound absorption across a wider range of frequencies. In addition to sound absorption, SOUNDBLOX walls have a superior sound transmission loss (STL) performance rating when compared to walls of ordinary hollow concrete blocks of similar composition.

Acoustic ACMUs from Featherlite are a practical solution to effectively absorb problem noise, diffuse sound energy, and more thoroughly capture flutter echo, standing waves and sound intensity annoyances — with style.